Apple iPad Air (2019)

 Apple iPad Air (2019)

The iPad Air is Apple’s tablet collection occupies an unenviable spot. It is the most apparent model of USP – the standard iPad is inexpensive, the iPad Mini is smaller and the iPad Pro is for professionals.

So, what is the great point of sale of the Air? This is not the finest iPad or the stylishest (in both cases, the iPad Pro 11 in), but it is the only sweet spot in the current range that makes it unique.

It’s better than the iPad entry, it’s broader than the Mini iPad and cheaper than the Pros. This is the ideal tablet if you’re a consumer of content rather than a producer of content.


At first glance, the iPad Air is more or less indistinguishable from the standard iPad.

The Air has identical height and width measurements to the iPad, it also features a ‘home’ button integrated into the bottom bezel and a tiny camera in the top, and has a larger camera in the top-left corner of the rear.

Look closely, though, and you’ll see that the Air’s front bezels are just a touch slimmer than those of the standard iPad. That’s because the screen has expanded from 10.2 to 10.5in without the device getting any bigger.


Heading straight to the Apple TV app and its peerless pay-as-you-go range of 4 K HDR films, we pick Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and will be impressed instantly. Bounty Law clips opening montage may be monochromatic, but it still gives a great sense of the sharpness, clarity, and punch provided by the iPad Air.

This also manages the tricky motion of cars cruising the streets of LA and shows lots of imagery in the dark corners of the restaurant where Rick Dalton of Leonardo DiCaprio meets Marvin Schwarz (Al Pacino) initially.


It is a shame that the iPad Air, like your iPad and iPad Mini, has its stereo speakers on the bottom side of the frame, so when you look at the scene, the sound comes from only one side, but presumably most of the time you’ll be with headphones.

Plug a pair of quality headphones into the air, which offers a superbly smooth, sweaty and energetic delivery, which is much more accessible and weighty than the Mini delivery. The bottom is darker and slightly more defined which makes the tracks even solid and more authoritative.


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