Best Big Screen 4K SMART TV To Buy in Dubai

 Best Big Screen 4K SMART TV To Buy in Dubai

We all love watching movies and the experience is enhanced as the viewing screen gets bigger. Over the last few years large TVs have gone down in price considerably, and now there’s no reason you should go to the cinema theater when you can watch movies or your favorite content on massive screens at the ease of your home.


Today, we present to you 3 large screen TVs that will prove a cinematic experience without denting your wallet. 

Samsung 75 Inch Flat Smart 4k UHD TV

The 75RU7100 is one of the best affordable 75’’ 4k Smart TVs around. The Samsung 75RU7100 is a strong 4k LED TV with great overall quality of the pictures. Due to the high native contrast ratio, it can offer dark blacks, and is perfect for a dimly lit room. 

However, to further enhance the performance of the dark room it needs a local dimming feature. Out of the package it has strong gray uniformity and great accuracy in color. It has no wide gamut of colors and can’t get really bright, particularly in HDR. 

Motion control is poor, yet the input lag is surprisingly short, rendering the Screen very responsive; something gamers would be happy about. Unfortunately it does not help any of the innovative gaming apps seen on Samsung’s higher-end versions, so when presented from the edge, the picture loses accuracy.

The Samsung 75RU7100’s design is fantastic, the frame serves the Screen well and has slight wobble. However, it’s almost as large as the Screen, so you need a wide table to set it on. The rear of the television is constructed from plastic with a textured finish.  

Cable control is serviced via reference tracks at the rear of the TV and with the aid of a few clips attached to the knees. The standard of the construct is good, and you should not have any problems with it.

The RU7100 has a dark black VA-LCD screen and has a contrast ratio of 5600:1. Nevertheless, the light isn’t enough to remove glare in bright environments.

Samsung 75 Inch Flat Smart 4k UHD TV Side

Frame Rate Control (FRC) enables the 8 Bit Panel to show a color depth of 10 Bits. Colors and gradients feel similar. The color quality is reduced without a wide color gamut. The impact of HDR is low, as there is no local dimming as well. That’s why not adding much to TV supports HDR10, HDR10 + and HLG. SDR content on the other hand appears relatively fine.

The narrow viewing angle is one downside of the VA-Panel. So in conclusion you shouldn’t face the computer at an angle and have limited sources of light in the room.

The RU7100 will be a decent alternative for the average gamer. The controls sound really sensitive, since the input lag is less than 11ms. The more sophisticated computer apps such as FreeSync will only be seen on more costly Samsung TVs. Fortunately analog video interfaces also exist and can be used by older game consoles.

To summarize,you shouldn’t demand any more than you are paying for. The 75RU7100 is a strong budget television with reasonable results on the SDR. It is appropriate for virtually all uses; regular tv, streaming, gaming, etc. HDR output can’t be expected at this price point naturally. Supporting AirPlay 2,  Alexa and the Samsung  Google Assistant, this SMART TV will quickly become a component of the connected home of the future.

Best deal for Samsung 75RU1700: AED 4799 on Amazon

Sony 75 inch 4K UHD HDR Android TV

The Sony 75X800G is a respectable 4k TV with an IPS screen, offering large viewing angles and strong peak luminosity. It has very strong control of the action, with outstanding reaction time, and quick-moving objects appear fantastic, with very little distortion behind them. 

It also has a higher than normal input lag which could be annoying for serious gamers, but good for casual players, or if you want to use it as a Desktop display.

The Sony X800 G has a beautiful build. It is nearly similar to X750F, but instead of a chrome model it has a matte black stand. The frame holds the television fine, but wobbles a little, so the legs are about the same width as the television so can’t be flipped off.

The rear of the TV is plain, and the cable handling is limited from the rear of the feet. The TV is of reasonable build standard, and we have not found any problems or areas of concern with our machine. 

The stand does protect the television well, but does not keep it from wobbling. It’s almost the entire width of the TV, and if you don’t intend on putting it on the wall you’ll need a big table. The feet can not be turned around to save space.

Sony 75 inch 4K UHD HDR Android TV Back

The back is plain but it seems to be well-built. There is just simple cable control, through a hollow segment at each foot’s back. Any of the inputs in a cut-out on the back are down-facing, so when wall-mounted, they can be difficult to access.

The borders are around normal, not really disturbing. The X800 G is a little heavier than other TVs we’ve reviewed, so when it is wall installed, it sticks out a little little more.

The Sony X800 G is of high standard design. The exterior panels are a combination of metal and plastic, so we have not found any problems or places of concern. 

For most purposes the Sony X800 G is a good TV. It is well designed for a bright space with large viewing angles but in a dim environment it doesn’t look as fine. This has very strong movement management, exceptional response time, but has minimal choices for motion processing, and can not delete jitter from all sources. It has fairly small input latency, which is perfect for casual players, but can annoy more serious players.

Best deal for Sony 75X800G: AED 5200 on Amazon

The Samsung Q70 4K TV is a midrange QLED model that profits from direct backlight and local dimming, resulting in outstanding picture efficiency. A robust smart interface and state-of-the-art features complement what makes for an amazing product.

The Samsung Q70, with its clear QLED backlight and local dimming, seems like a decent place to launch. You don’t get the ultra-wide viewing angles, or the black filter, but you are getting outstanding AI processing here. Yes, aside from those three things absent, the Q70 offers much of the same cutting-edge technology and robust smart interface as its more costly counterparts.

The Samsung Q70 looks utilitarian rather than glamorous, and although it maintains the same simple style as the rest of the QLED 2019 line, the lower price point is also reflected.

Although utilizing a ton of plastic, the product also has the 360-degree imagery aesthetic seen elsewhere in the line-up: this implies a nearly bezelless panel, a black border along the outer edge and textured grooves at the rear.

Samsung also introduced a more conventional QLED stand farther up the line, but the Q70 uses metal feet that simply lock (no screws) into place. These feet are far apart, which means you would need a relatively broad surface to put the TV on, and the issue can only be intensified when coping with the larger screen sizes.

The style is practical rather than elegant, which can trigger some installation issues for those broad feet apart. The remote is therefore successful and there is a good selection of connections.

Samsung 65 Inch Flat Smart 4K QLED TV

The Samsung Q70, built on the Tizen-powered operating system, uses a similar smart TV platform to the other versions in the QLED series. And you have the same launcher bar down as seen in previous years, and the helpful second layer that allows quick access to other material (a functionality that LG copied this year on webOS).

If you want to watch video streaming services using your TV (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll be delighted with the comprehensive choice available. With applications for Netflix, Amazon, Now Cable, Rakuten, YouTube and other services, Samsung offers a lot. 

The Samsung Q70 offers outstanding SDR picture quality efficiency, and although it does not have the ultra black filter seen on the more costly ones, as long as you don’t place this TV opposite a powerful light source that shouldn’t be a concern. In comparison, the Q70’s vivid and punchy photos appear fantastic even when the room has ambient light.

The viewing angles aren’t as large as the higher up versions but as long as you’re seated in a relatively central location it won’t be a problem either. The black rates are excellent, and there is plenty of clarity in the dark, due to the VA panel, clear backlight and local dimming.

The Samsung Q70 is a decent intermediate model which offers a taste of the potential of QLED without the price tag being higher. The panel can miss the pricier models’ black filter and wider viewing angles but it can still provide a clear, punchy picture.

Best deal for Samsung 65Q70RA: AED 5,144 on Amazon

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