DOSS SoundBox XL Bluetooth Dual Driver Wireless Speaker in Dubai

 DOSS SoundBox XL Bluetooth Dual Driver Wireless Speaker in Dubai

The DOSS SoundBox XL Bluetooth Dual-Driver Wireless Speaker provides you clear and high-quality sound. It gives easy control of the audio and for the better output with well-positioned control. The device also has a portable music library that supports Bluetooth and Aux port connectivity. The use of the TF card port helps users to enjoy useful advantages of sound distribution. Users would also enjoy the robust battery design which ensures an approximate playtime of 10 hours.

It is configured with a 20W engine, 12W Sub woofer, two passive radiators and DSP technology to provide a comprehensive sound quality that is strong enough to cover any room. This wireless DOSS speaker features basic controls that enable you to quickly adjust your music or volume. The compatibility of Bluetooth enables you to sync this wireless speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

We have reviewed and unboxed the SoundBox XL Speaker and were pretty impressed with the results. Watch our video below to see our unboxing experience and initial thoughts:

The SoundBox Especially created for party-goers, It is easy to carry, so everyone can take his Sound Box who would want to take this to their party. Just put this soundbox in a corner of the house and enjoy appreciate clean, consistent audio throughout.

Product Specifications

• Bluetooth Dual Driver Speaker
• 20W HD Sound
• 12W Subwoofer
• Bold Bass
• Long Playtime

Premium-Grade Sound

This compact and powerful DOSS wireless speaker is your perfect party companion. It creates a beautiful sound that reaches all corners of the room. This speaker is equipped with two 10 drivers that create realistic and solid room-filling sound. The DSP technology and the 12W subwoofer deliver booming bass and natural sound with less than 3 percent distortion. Moreover, this speaker is equipped with two passive radiators which reduce vibrations and transfer air to significantly improve sound quality.

Ease of Use

The DOSS SoundBox XL has simple controls that allow you to playback, forward music and change volume with ease. The separate buttons ensure precise control even in dim light. This speaker has a TF card slot which lets you play your favorite music stored in TF cards. The Aux interface helps you to play media player audio. This portable speaker is ideal for long journeys or extended gatherings, due to the playtime of up to 10 hours.



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