Google Nest Hub Max is now Available for Purchase

 Google Nest Hub Max is now Available for Purchase

You likely don’t want to hear it right now, but the pandemic of coronavirus will not subside in the immediate future, which means you will have to spend money a long time at home for a while longer. It includes an upgrade to the family entertainment, so don’t panic because you have a small budget and you don’t have to invest a little money on a wonderful product, to better consume the energy whilst retaining a safe buffer from the outside world.

After its announcement four months ago at Google I/O 2019, the Google Nest Hub Max has finally gone on sale. Now it is available from Google Store also available from Amazon and other retailers in Dubai and UAE.

The Nest Hub Max is not a cheap product. But Google has added some excellent features to this device like a camera, a larger display, and some great sound quality and good sound quality.

The Nest Hub Max camera is not just a Duo video call. On this device, Google has added Nest Cam function to the camera. That means you are able to do things like watching and listening to live feeds and remotely communicating with those on the other end of the device. You can also use the more advanced features of the Nest when you download and set up the Nest app.

The Google Nest Hub Max is certainly the best smart display in the Google Assistant ecosystem. This takes all of the Nest Hub well and adds a few useful features.


Amazon is considered by most of the people when the question comes up with smart speakers. But Google sets the criteria for their esthetics and the Google Nest Hub Max has several of these themes.

This has a cost-effective footprint. In the back, there is no huge bulge, no hidden curves. The Google Nest Hub Max can be conveniently installed in a kitchen area for the clever speaker.

Display and Video

Google Hub Max has an LCD screen of 10 inches and is much bigger than the Home Hub’s 7 ” display. It’s a big change to see videos on this smart speaker, which is built for the good if you have a Google Nest Hub Max in your bedroom or kitchen instead of your living room.

Features and Sound Quality

The quality of sound is also good. Two 18-mm tweeters and a bass driver have been fitted to the Nest Hub Max. The volume of the Google Nest Center is measured at a scale of 1 to 10. Up to 9 sounds fantastic, but 10 is too many. It’s a touch ‘screamy’ and intense. The volume rates are too high, too. It may end up somewhat too quiet, or slightly too loud. If more people accept, Google will fix this in an update.


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