Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The Galaxy S5e Samsung Tab is a sleek and stunningly lightweight Android tablet in the intermediate range. Samsung finally released it in India after about months of waiting. Now it is available in the world.

The Galaxy Tab S5e provides a 10.5-inch display, a 670-card snapdragon, a RAM 4 GB and 64 GB of data. We studied the cellular model, which is a little more expensive than WiFi. There’s also a lot of S5e experience, but does it have the edginess that makes it better at this price than the two-year-old iPad? We discover.

Design, Display and Audio

The 245 x 160 x 5.5 mm is the smallest slat on the market, but it is at the cost of the loss of the headset. Just a USB-C opening and POGO pin connector are used to install clever keyboards on the Galaxy Tab S5e.

Right belonging to the power/lock switch, the volume rocker is easy to touch but not just with one hand. On the upper left side is a square camera module, in the middle, there is a chrome Samsung logo and on the bottom of the rear a KG branding.

The Tab S5, of course, offers outstanding visibility and adequate vibration for the video watching of AMOLED screens, which have more black compared to the LCDs.

Multitasking and Gaming

It has an internal capacity of 64 GB. But Samsung knows that consumers are obsessed with the external cards so this tab keeps support for up to 512 GB of microSD cards, making it even better for movie/series collectors. It’s convenient to store your media or files at times when there’s no internet.

Software and Features

The S5e tab runs Android 9.0 on top of the One user interface of Samsung. With all aging profiles, it is snappy, sensitive and easy to use. The transitions and animations make a major difference in how easily the UI feels in comparison to the older UI of Samsung.

This has child security features for children where parents can limit access to certain applications and data.


The huge 7,040mAh battery inside the metal body of a tablet provides efficient consumption from a single charge. As for Samsung, up to 14.5 hours will last, but in real life, battery life is the most reported. This is after several game sessions, live cricket streaming and searching for 12 hours on Hotstar, Twitch.


The last thing the users want in a tablet is great cameras because it was never a relevant selling point for a tablet. Tablets are not designed to select images but are used very commonly for making video calls.

There is a 13MP back camera with an 8MP selfie snapsher on the Galaxy Tab S5e. It may be useful for phone calls and informal pictures, but it can not take important images of Instagram. At most, in a good light, you can click on some decent photos.


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