Samsung RU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV – Series 7 in Dubai

 Samsung RU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV – Series 7 in Dubai

The Samsung RU7100 is an outstanding 4 K smart TV for the value shopper, providing great image and sound output with lots of smarts to go with.


• Solid construction
• Good color quality
• Decent sound


• Bland design
• Middling HDR performance
• Clunky, cluttered remote control
• No voice controls

The Samsung RU7100 gives shoppers a tempting combination of brand name, good feature set and inexpensive cost, positioning it to stand out in-store shelves when you’re searching for something that is not too pricey but not too basic.

In Samsung RU7100 review it is noticeable that this year’s iteration provides plenty to love, from its good picture quality and sound to a smart TV interface that has most of the bells and some of the whistles, making it one of the better TVs for the budget shopper.


The overall design is relatively simple, from the 0.6-inch-thick bezels across the display to the attached stand, of black plastic architecture. The RU7100 chassis profits from the design aesthetic of Samsung, which provides a trendy look around the back panel for the cheapest TVs utilizing a standard matte finish.

Measuring 44.3 x 25.6 x 2.3 inches without the stand, the RU7100 is quite slim for an LCD TV, with a tapered structure that makes the display look and sound sleeker than it would imply. The 50-inch model weighs 30 pounds and is small enough to be mounted and set up by one person, but with larger sizes, you would certainly require a second person to help move and raise the screen.


The RU7100 is fitted with three HDMI ports and one HDMI ARC port (short for Audio Return Channel), which can be used to link a single line to a soundbar. A pair of USB ports offer hard drive access or control to display apps such as a Google Chromecast.

There is an RF connection to connect one of the better TV antennas, a common part and composite video display, an optical audio socket for older surround sound systems, and a wired wireless Ethernet connection. Wi-Fi is built-in 802.11ac for wireless network functionality and Bluetooth for cordless headphones and audio devices communication.


Being one of the most accessible 4 K TVs on Amazon, the RU7100 promises a maximum 3840 x 2160 resolutions, 60Hz refresh rate, and good picture quality. The RU7100 offered a relatively decent quality of color, especially bright colors. The RU700 provides pretty decent color fidelity for a simple LCD screen, achieving a 2.0 Delta-E value (better than 0), rendering it more precise.


The RU7100 boasts one of the favorite Samsung features, automated device detection, that activates when the gaming console is connected and switched on, and then switches modes on its own. That indicated that the system immediately shifted from movie mode to game mode when we excited our Xbox One X for checking.

Samsung also provides good support for the different video formats offered by the Xbox. It provides 4 K graphics at 60 hertz and broadcast content at 24, 50 and 60 Hz with 10-bit color. HDR10 is enabled both for gaming and streaming content.


The RU7100 has a pair of 10-watt speakers inside, offering a combined capacity of 20 watts. This translates into a broad range, being noisy enough to fill our test room, and also providing some surprisingly strong bass for tv without a subwoofer.

When we watch boxing, it providing a clear voice, powerful sound effects and solid, strong soundtrack as the score swelled with excitement and suspense during the war. At lighter frequencies the sound stayed consistent, holding distortion to a minimum.



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