Top 5 Nikon Cameras in Dubai for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

 Top 5 Nikon Cameras in Dubai for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Nikon is a multinational company. It was founded in 1917, Tokyo, Japan. Nikon specializes on optics and imaging products. Nikon is the second biggest manufacturer and remains one of the most famous brands in the market. There are some straightforward details that may already have been part of your existing knowledge.

In this guide, we want to help you to buy the best Nikon camera to meet your needs. Here we will discuss why you should buy Nikon cameras in the first place and the best Nikon cameras for photography. Along with the best Nikon SLR cameras, we will also shed some light on the features of an SLR camera that needs to be understood well before buying one.

What we picture-perfect geeks have in common is the fact that the DSLR’s view is sufficient to make us imagine anywhere and pose we could take to get the most Instagram-worthy photo of all times. But we don’t know what makes the best Nikon Camera. We only assumed that DSLRs are better than mobile cameras, which we think is pretty obvious.

Let’s forget what once our young minds were surrounded by and concentrate on what we have now – Nikon cameras, a famous face now. Now we are living in a technological advancing era, and it is the right time to start putting our basics to good use. We should be aware of our best options to sustain this success.

Why Should Use Nikon Cameras?

Low-Light Performance – Nikon’s amazing low-light performance beats all odds in delivering a subtle and immaculate picture of what you’re picturing with your own eyes.

Auto-focus Points – moments come during photography when you want to take the shot that your camera doesn’t allow you to concentrate on absolutely. The result is that you and the camera have to shift to get a better perspective. Nikon cameras have far more focus points, so you will not get this problem in Nikon

Flash Control – There have two parties in the flash debate – to turn it on during a photoshoot, or to switch it off. The latter one usually trumps the other, but many professional and skilled photographers prefer to keep the light focused on the subject. Nevertheless, Nikon provides an enhanced flash-control to impress everyone with their images.

Minor features – Nikon has been more attentive in managing and modifying the lesser features, which sometimes go unnoticed. But using a professional camera makes you realize how important certain seemingly insignificant things are.

So, what is the best Nikon camera? It’s not just one answer. It totally depends on your needs, the size of your usage and the different features of your handling. So, we will discuss some of the best Nikon cameras depending on your needs.

Nikon D5600 Digital SLR Camera, Black :

• 24.2MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor
• Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 60 fps
• 3.2″ 1.037m-Dot Vari-Angle Touch screen
• EXPEED 4 Image Processor
• Camera, Lens, and accessories

This is the best professional Nikon camera and is ideally suited for video. Although you can instantly switch between photography and video with this model, the camera facilitates a wide range of stunning videos with its impressive features.

By syncing with your mobile phone, you can operate the camera from your mobile device while continuously restoring it to Snapbridge, which allows the user to account for ease of connectivity. Every feature comes to your fingertips (just like your phone) with an amazing touch screen. Free cloud storage allows users to store shots taken and collect them all in one place for reminiscence and effective comparisons.


Nikon FX-format D750 SLR Camera, Black:

• 24.3-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
• 2 Card slots
• ISO100 – 12800
• Built-in flash
• Hi-Speed USB
• C HDMI connector
• Wifi Supports WPS

This unique Nikon best camera is a mixture for excellent models that have motivated customers over the years. The strong 51-point AF system of the Nikon, featuring 15 cross-type sensors and a 3d color matrix metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor, makes you feel as good as the camera says.

The 24.3-megapixel camera enables the photographer to switch between shooting and high-quality videos in a beat if they are sufficiently inspired by a picturesque journey subject. The excellence that is generated responds to the fast-paced tracking of the immaculate sensor inside.


Nikon D5300 24.2 MP SLR Camera, Black:

• Nikon’s new EXPEED 4 Image Processing Engine to ensure even clearer photos and movies than before with shooting in low light
• This updated kit boasts a much smaller, lighter, retractable AFP 18-55mm VR kit lens, making it more comfortable than ever to carry a Digital SLR
• Nikon D5300 AF-P 18-55mm 3.5-5.6G VR
• Explore your creativity with the 3.2-inch, 1037k-dot vari-angle LCD monitor with wide viewing angle

MP CMOS with DX-format which helps to creates images with a real-life look and feel. You can change image sizes or crop your photos without compromising on the image quality. It may be small like all Nikon DSLRs; the D5300 has been designed for ergonomics, with each button or dial positioned in a comfortable and efficient operation. The camera is fitted with a 3.2 inch LCD and a 24.2 MP CMOS imaging sensor. Moreover, the small size only increases the camera’s portability, making it easier to pack in case of need.


Nikon D850 Nikon D850 with AF-S 24-120mm, Black

• Up to 9 fps1 continuous shooting at full resolution with full AF performance
• 8K6 and 4K time-lapse movies with new levels of sharpness and detail. File system
• Tilting touchscreen, Focus Shift shooting mode, outstanding battery performance and much more, 4K Ultra HD video recording, slow motion up to 120 FPS at 1080p
• 45.7 megapixels of extraordinary resolution, outstanding dynamic range and virtually
• Nikon D850, 24-120EN-EL15a, MH-25A Battery Charger, UC-E22 USB 3.0 Cable, HDMI/USB Cable Clip, AN-DC18 Camera Strap, BF-1B Body Cap, DK-17F Fluorine-Coated Finder Eyepiece

With an incredible 45,7 effective megapixels, the Nikon D850 sets visible quality standards, enabling it to capture the most spectacular images and create stunning 8K UHD time-lapse films using images taken with its silent time interval camera. Create epic movie masterpieces with NIKKOR wide-angle lenses in full-frame 4K UHD or prolong exquisite moments using 120p/100p full-high speed video. This also has improved superior agility to satisfy the modern photographer’s demands, such as continuous shooting at speeds of about 7 frames per second (fps) or 9 fps1, and an innovative shutter and mirror drive system that increases design stability. If you are interested in fashion, nature, sport, wedding and video photography, you will always be inspired to bring out the best game-changing Nikon D850.


Nikon D500 Lens Kit – 16-80mm SLR Camera, Black:

• f/2.8-4E ED VR Lens
• 20.9 Megapixel
• Other Zoom
• 16-80mm
• 3.2 Inch Screen

At first glance, it may seem unimposing, but it is a true powerhouse of processing power and technological advancements inside a streamlined camera package. The D500 is able to go wherever you want, capturing everything with incredible precision, speed and resolution. The D500 is the ideal companion to your hiking tourism: from busy cityscapes to thrilling wildlife scenes and fast-moving action shots. A wonder for the clarity of your 4 K UHD film video. Be shocked by its robustness and diversity. Then, once you have shot your beautiful images, take a look at them then share them through the built-in SnapBridge (Wi-Fi® Bluetooth) functions on the high-resolution Tilt screen D500s. Regardless of what you fire, you can be sure the D500 is always ready to go.

The capability of the D500’s AF is more than just focus points. The newly-developed autofocus sensor Multi-CAM 20K module is able to concentrate on -4 EV with the focus point and -3 EV with all other points by reducing noise. It makes AF even in low light or in low contrast shooting.

If you want to ensure that the focus is accurate, the D500 generates an easier way to fine-tune the AF with the lens you use. The camera automatically sets and records the tuning value, using live view photography mode, which gives you precise focus. There is also manual fine-tuning.




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