Top 5 Sony Cameras in Dubai (2020)

 Top 5 Sony Cameras in Dubai (2020)

Sony cameras are known for their mirrorless cameras, particularly the full frame cameras. Sony cameras are reliable, high-performing, and basically great for overall photography and videography. In this guide, we will present you 5 Sony mirrorless cameras that you can buy in Dubai.

Each camera has a unique perk to offer and are all priced at different price points so everyone from the amateur snapper to professional photographers can benefit from this guide. Without further ado, here’s the top 5 Sony Camera list:

  • Size: 127 x 96 x 74 mm 
  • Weight: 650 g (1.43 lb)
  • Sensor: BSI CMOS Full Frame
  • Megapixels: 24

If you’re thinking about switching to Sony, or pondering a move from DSLRs to mirrorless, don’t waste your time anymore – the Sony a7III is pretty much your perfect mirrorless full frame camera. It barely has any flaws so it’s perfect for the most part.

Under the hood, it all revolves around a beautiful Sony 24.2 MP BSI full frame picture sensor with tonnes of dynamic range delivering clear, vibrant and contrasting JPEGs and RAW images.

If you’re used to incredibly good ISO efficiency coming from a DSLR flagship, you won’t be disappointed with the a7III’s 50 ISO to all the way up to 204,800 ISO. When necessary, I can shoot all day at ISO 6400 where images are magnificently spotless, with noise only slightly creeping at ISO 12,800.

As for the abilities to auto-focus, prepare to be blown away. For 693 AF points for phase detection providing 93 percent visual coverage, real-time eye-AF and 10FPS, every subject you lose will be down to user error!

Eye-AF is a feature on the Sony a7III that will lead you to question how you used to take pictures of people (or animals) without it.

If you’re a wedding photographer, or even someone who appreciates the opportunity to film 100 percent quietly, Silent Shutter Mode on the a7III can help you get those beautifully candid captures finished.

Silent shooting on mirrorless cameras in 2020 isn’t anything new but the high level of customization options on the a7III implies you can rapidly dive in and out of it by pressing a button.

Then there’s the battery life – for me that was the biggest surprise as it allowed me to click around 1700 photos before having to recharge.

Anyone who wants all the benefits of a world-class full frame sensor, combined with amazing AF performance, stabilization of the body image, dual memory card slots, and any other modern feature under the sun.

  • Size: 127 x 96 x 63 mm 
  • Weight: 673 g (1.48 lb)
  • Sensor: BSI CMOS Full frame
  • Megapixels: 28

Utilizing the proven 24.2 full frame Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensor and BINOZ X image processor on which Sony has constructed its popular Alpha mirrorless cameras, the Sony a9 has some truly remarkable features to offer. 

First of all, the frame rate, which is simply insane-for 241 exposures you will fire up to 20 fps in maximum RAW format. That works out to hold the shutter button for about 12 seconds, which is more than enough to shoot every single frame of the 100-meter dash at the Olympics!

The Sony a9’s latest sensor technology helps it to interpret the whole sensor at precisely the same time, and the irritating rolling shutter phenomenon that plagues video shooters is gone, and it’s also ‘blackout’ – the momentary absence of viewfinder/LCD picture while firing.

This means shooting photo bursts with this amazing camera is akin to shooting video – not only do you capture 20 frames per second in complete silence, but there’s also none of the ‘flicker’ blackouts that nearly every other camera on the market suffers from.

When shooting fast moving action that requires your full concentration, this can be a godsend, and no ‘breaks’ in the scene you’re viewing.

Calculating exposure and autofocus at an insane 60 frame per second ensures that not only is the Sony a9 catching every quick-fired shot in focus, but still changing the exposure on the fly – equate that to other mirrorless cameras with their ‘spray now, change in post later’ strategy, and you’ll see how much time saver it is.

Other great features include dual memory card slots, three top-mode memory reminiscences, a drive mode dial and a focus mode dial , two separate AEL and AF-ON buttons , 5-axis sensor-shift stabilization, silent shutter, 4k video with uncompressed HDMI output … really, Sony’s packed everything into this beast!

If you are capturing quick moving targets that need the highest degree of auto-focus that burst rate / buffer output of nearly every camera currently in development, the a9 is your device. Image quality on a Sony mirrorless is mind-blowing as to be expected, but it really is all about speed, speed and speed.

  • Size: 127 x 96 x 74 mm 
  • Weight: 657 g (1.45 lb)
  • Sensor: BSI CMOS Full frame
  • Megapixels: 61

This being the most recently announced Sony Alpha camera in 2020, you better expect some superlatives and world-class stats, so here they come…

The Sony a7RIV is the world’s first 35mm full frame camera with a… wait for it… 61 MP image sensor!

Expect to see a frankly incredible 15 stops of enhanced dynamic range, 10 fps continuous AF/AE tracking, 567 phase-detection AF points, real time tracking and Eye AF, 5-axis image stabilization, and all the other customization bits and bobs we’ve come to expect as Sony shooters.

Let’s forget all the other features for a moment, impressive as they are, and focus on what’s really on offer here – a compact (-ish) full frame mirrorless camera with the shooting performance of a machine gun and 61 megapixel files!

That’s medium-format-level image quality, combined with all the auto-focus performance of a top mirrorless camera! You’re able to shoot around seventy of these huge RAW files before the buffer takes a breather!

Admittedly, the Sony a7RIV will only appeal to a very small market – those in need of a ridiculously detailed image, and those who shoot in small enough volume to be able to edit them.

I’m talking about professional landscape photographers, advertising photographers and alike.

The Sony a7RIV also includes the highest-resolution viewfinder ever from Sony – a 5.76 million-point UXGA OLED Tru-finder EVF. This is about 1.6x the EVF ‘s resolution in its predecessor, which I have to say has left little room for complaint.

Another incredible feature of the a7RIV is the evolved multi-shooting Pixel Shift mode, which combines up to 16 full-res images to integrate it into one gigantic detail monster, with a level of detail and color accuracy that will leave your jaw on the floor.

  • Size: 113 x 65 x 72 mm 
  • Weight: 507 g (1.12 lb)
  • Sensor: BSI CMOS Full frame
  • Megapixels:44

The RX1R II is something of an exception in the 2020 Sony camera line up. After all, for less than the Sony RX1R II size, you can buy a more powerful full frame interchangeable lens camera, so why on earth should you invest in this one?

 A combo of pristine image quality and a clunky, tactile body means that this is a Sony camera that needs to be picked up –while still managing to house a sensor that is much larger than APS-C.

The Sony RX1 RII provides much of the functionality you’d anticipate from a high-end mirrorless device – tilting LCD screen (although no touchscreen), solid WiFi / NFC compatibility, reasonable EVF (which retracts into the body while not in use), adjustable dials / buttons and a dedicated dial for exposure correction.

Build quality is outstanding and dials and buttons are reassuringly solid-feeling The on/off switch is typical of an older model-finder, and far more rewarding than clicking a click, which is the normal way to power up most compact cameras.

However, startup period is a slight under-standard, as is usability in general. Due to the 42.4 Megapixels, zooming in 1:1 is a painful experience, so that is understandable. Buttons often at times sound somewhat mushy and unresponsive.

Auto Focus is fine, and includes the enviable Sony Eye AF, but not almost as fine as the Sony a7 /a9 range.

5 fps is sub-par in 2020 but this is certainly not a fast action camera. The razor-sharp fixed 35 mm f/2 lens is ideally suited to the full frame sensor offering excellent output whether taken wide open or halted.

Many will doubt why Sony decided to make that a fixed-lens camera, but it was a great decision in my opinion.

Limiting yourself to just one lens as a photographer can be a real moment of clarity, motivating you to get used to a single focal length until you can see the scene well before you raise the viewfinder to your eye.

I would suggest this camera to any skilled or amateur shooter, no matter what model you normally shoot with. It is a camera from Sony like no other camera from Sony – completely exclusive in the lineup.

  • Size: 102 x 58 x 43 mm 
  • Weight: 301 g 
  • Sensor: BSI CMOS 1″
  • Megapixels: 20

The word ‘compact’ or ‘point-and-shoot’ is a little unclear, but no one would dispute that the scale of the Sony RX100 VI doesn’t place it in the scope of a pocket-sized device – in reality it’s so lightweight that you would hold it in your jeans pocket!

Sony has now pulled out all the stops on the 6th iteration to create what many consider the ultimate compact camera with the RX100 VI.

A truly stunning 8x zoom lens, with an effective focal range of 24-200 mm and a variable aperture of f/2.8~4.5 is top of the long list of features.

What this implies is that you can easily stand on a 24 mm long beach shooting to absorb all the elements of your setting, then target the surfers on the waves by keeping a trigger.

If you’ve ever taken with a lens of 70-200 mm, or just 24-70 mm, you’ll know how wide and powerful they are. It is very amazing to have all this focal range at your fingertips, then to get all of it swallowed up within the camera shell.

While some of its predecessor ‘s owners may miss the maximum aperture of f/1.8, shooting at 200 mm and f/4 yields some great bokeh.

Picture output is outstanding, with everything done by a 1inch, 20.1MP Exmor RS Stacked BSI-CMOS sensor – the same as was used in the previous 2 RX100 series versions.

ISO looks fine on the way up to 1600, but gradually degrades to 3200, and even faster after that, as you hit the capability of the sensor.

As for the dynamic range, as long as you hold the ISO as small as possible you should hope to pull / push about 4 stops in the article.

This is for anyone needing a tiny camera with an impressive set of features, including, above all, a 24-200 mm equivalent zoom lens to get you where you want to shoot, without moving.

We hope you are able to choose among the top 5 Sony cameras you can purchase in Dubai. At Eyaana, we cover reviews, comparisons, and videos for all kinds of electronic gadgets. Stay with us for all the latest news and reviews for all tech devices.

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