Eyaana is an advanced artificial intelligence system that is designed to provide virtual assistance to companies. It can be accessed through various channels such as chat, virtual reality, or a 3D avatar.

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The main focus of Eyaana is to provide efficient and effective customer support in the quickest way possible. Additionally, it can automate business processes, making it a valuable asset for any company.

One of the unique features of Eyaana is its professional and neutral tone. It has the ability to process large amounts of data to generate output, and can respond to input in a much more refined and sophisticated way than other existing chatbots. Additionally, its knowledge is tailored to specific companies based on where it gathers its information, making it more relevant and accurate than generic chat systems like ChatGPT.

Eyaana's training process is also relatively easy and straightforward for companies to implement. It is currently in beta mode, but interested parties can test its performance by inquiring about Royex Technologies and its services. It is important to note that Eyaana will only respond on behalf of Royex Technologies at this time.